"...the singers' voices resound thrillingly... midst the sea of humanity all around... the ordinary - the imperfect, real human bodies in their astounding variety of shapes, colors and forms - seems like a miracle and ‘Delirium’ like a gift."      
-The New York Times    
Tableau Vivant, Skylight One Hanson - Brooklyn, New York   ♦   Performance Documentation Credit: Phil Straus
World Premiere / Multimedia Concert  ---- January 6, 7, 11,12, 13, 14, 9pm

ABOUT The Delirium Constructions explores unlikely combinations of characters and themes brought together into the same space in order to investigate the tensions and resolutions of close connection. Social and graphic contrasts are examined side-by-side: youth and experience, hysteria and discipline, tragedy and hilarity, and sexuality and desexualization. The scenarios are staged, yet the resulting emotions are born through improvisation, spontaneous interaction, and authentic experience. Originally conceived as a still photography series in 2001, The Delirium Constructions is now a conceptual umbrella for a multi-disciplinary arts organization (The Delirium Constructions, LLC.) housing a photographic series, a traveling performance art project, and a documentary film.

MISSION At its core, The Delirium Constructions is a community of creative, exploratory people. Projects enlist local talent and non-performers alike to create a self-revealing celebration of image, sound and human communion, linking diverse individuals and communities across the globe and providing real-life human experiences to reconstruct the void in interpersonal connections created by a growing affection toward technological insularity.